We Specialize in keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean from grease accumulation, giving you peace of mind of unwanted build up and the prevention of hazardous fires.

Filter Kleen Services Ltd. offers you the following services with a free no obligation estimate and written quotation.  Camera inspection provides you with visual hidden areas of grease build up. Our 30 years of experience will give you professional advise and guidelines for preventative measures with regular, complete exhaust cleaning and/or filter maintenance for your business, which will ultimately benefit your customers and protect your investment.

We cater to a variety of business with commercial kitchens, from smaller independently owned to larger franchise restaurants, banquet halls, schools, day care centres, retirement facilities, country clubs, hotels etc.  If there is a kitchen there is grease, where there is grease there is FKS to service the exhaust cleaning to keep you in business by providing you with regular maintenance in accordance with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA 96).  Our service also complies with Insurance Agencies and Health Inspections.


Removal of  grease, debris and impurities which collect within and around all workings of the kitchen hood exhaust system.

While keeping all areas of cooking equipment  protected, high temperature hot water and safe cleaning solutions are used to degrease and pressure clean all areas of exhaust systems, for the fan on the roof or side of the building, through accessible areas of ducts and the exhaust hood and filters over cooking equipment. If requested, similar procedures applies to cleaning of equipment, floors and coolers.

Your kitchen is left clean and safe from unwanted fire hazards.

PROGRAM 1 - Hood Exhaust System Cleaning

Our fully trained service technician's degrease and pressure clean kitchen exhaust systems from top to bottom; inclusive of exhaust hood, accessible areas of ducts, exhaust fans and grease exhaust filters.

  • All cooking equipment under hood are completed covered and protected through the duration of cleaning.
  • Exhaust fans are cleaned and belts are inspected and changed/adjusted.
  • Filters are cleaned or replaced with the same type of clean filters.
  • Completed with a stainless steel top shine for a clean and presentable exterior.
  • All accessible areas of ducts are cleaned. Recommendations will be made if access panels in duct works are required for additional cleaning.
  • Completed with a stainless steel top shine for a clean, presentable exterior.
  • Your system is Labeled, Tagged and Certified in accordance with current NFPA 96 standards and recommendations.


PROGRAM 2 - Filter Exchange Maintenance Cleaning

Our service maintenance staff will exchange your dirty filters with clean filters. Here are our recommendations...

  • Do not wait for filters to be clogged with grease. Maintaining them on a regular basis keeps them working effectively.
  • Save on the wear and tear of putting them through your dishwasher and grease into the sewer system.
  • Avoid staffing cost for having them washing filters without the proper equipment to get them completely cleaned.

We offer a 2 week or 4 week interval service. Cost is based on the number of  filters in your hood system. Exhaust filters are available for purchase to replace damaged or broken down filters. 

PROGRAM 3 - Entire Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our team of service technicians will provide both hood exhaust system cleaning and filter exchange program plus kitchen floors and walls under and behind equipment, some cooking equipment  and coolers.

  • All cleaning in "Program 1"
  • Bi-weekly or monthly Filters exchange in "Program 2"


  • Degrease and pressure clean walls and floors, behind and under cooking line.
  • Degrease and clean cooking equipment. On-site or removed and returned when time permits. Please Contact Us to inquire on types of equipment we can service.


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